Job sites: Do NOT pick too many job sites when searching for a job. Pick the sites that serve your specific niche. For example, if I want a expat job in UAE, I would do a google search for TOP job sites in UAE and narrow my selection to 2-3 websites based on reputation and success history of the site to create my profile and highlight what I bring to the table. This makes for my profile relevant on the sites that it is housed and makes all the contacts I get via websites specific to what I am interested in. To give you an idea: top sites for UAE jobs I would have picked:;; Top IT recruiting websites: Selecting fewer job sites helps you keep track of where your resume is posted and in case you have to update anything in your resume you can easily do so on all sites so that you have at all times a single version of your resume on all job sites.

LinkedIn: While websites help you reach out to employers, a recent trend has been that employers are reaching out to employees based on the LinkedIn profiles. This facilitates for a very specific customized shortlisting opportunity for the employers. It is in your own best interest that you create, maintain and update your LinkedIn profile on regular basis. Your LinkedIn profile should have relevant keywords pertaining to the jobs you are interested in. Point in case, I have not applied for a job in past 4 months but I was contacted by over 8 employers/recruiters with very tempting opportunities (one expat job opportunity from UAE as well even though I am in US). We have written a quick guide on using LinkedIn as your personal recruiter which you can read here.–interview-advice/5078/linkedin-as-your-personal-recruiter

Company website: If you know the company you want to work for OR have searched for the top 10 or 100 employers in your field, you can go to their company website to review any openings they have OR upload your resume to their site’s career section. When applying on company’s website tweak your resume to match their specific needs and save that tweaked resume with company name and file it in a folder. This helps you stand out in the crowd and also to keep track of resume you submitted for the job. If you know someone working in the company you are interested in (via LinkedIn, facebook, friends circle or acquaintances), ask them if they have referral program and see if they can help refer your candidature.

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