are you willing to work overtime

Don’t think that the employer is testing you. The person interviewing, if not the owner of the company, may be hinting you of what you can expect so that you can opt-out when you can.  Considering that you really need the job and you don’t mind putting in extra hours – below are some ways you can answer.

  • I understand that the job may require additional hours when deadlines are to be met. My current job requires me to work overtime sometimes; of course, I get compensated for additional hours spent.  I understand that this line of business will need some extra hours during the year and I don’t mind it at all.  I have been doing this for XX years.
  • I don’t mind working overtime as long as I am not required to constantly put in extra hours.  I have worked as an accountant and have always put in extra hours during the quarterly and year end account finalizations; however, if it is a recurring deadline issue – I will plan my resources well in advance so that everyone can go home early and still meet all the deadlines.
  • Depends.  Sometimes planning will avoid some undue overtime and when managing my team I will try to plan out work and schedule resources ahead of time so that we can avoid frequent overtime.  Having said that, I understand the client needs may sometimes require me to put in extra hours and I don’t mind it, as long as this is not a regular occurrence.
  • I always strive to balance my work and life.  I have to take care of my two kids and have to spend enough time as they grow up. In the past year, I have been putting in extra hours working from home sometimes to put in extra hours to meet the client deadlines as well as spending time with my family. I have done it in the past and am sure can manage it going forward.

You can mix and match whichever response is true to your situation.  Again the key is that you are honest and upfront about your situation.

It is better to prepare few questions to ask during the interview. We have put few questions that can be asked in ‘questions to ask at an interview‘ page.


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