Experienced: My goal to assume the key role in the organization I work for has remained the same but my view of it as an end goal has changed, now I see it as a process, a process that included lot of learning, adaptability and welcoming change. If what I have learned in reaching this stage holds true, I have ahead of me more challenges. It will need me to be prepared, and I have taken the steps toward that. I am now a certified PM; I am taking up classes on Human Personality dynamics to help me build great rapport with the people around me.

Fresher: When I first picked this course, I wanted to become a Technical support expert but during the course, I have learned just how many varieties of positions I can take, which still involves at the course the technical support aspect. For example, this position that I am interviewing for, I will be involved in meeting the clients in understanding their needs, developing the programs, sometimes from scratch, implementing what we have learned and when the product is up and running – I will also be providing the technical support the client needs. I did not know all these stages and vastness of the opportunities in this field when I began, but now I do. It is a positive thing to learn about the field.

Notes: This question applies both to Freshers and Experienced individuals. It is better to show what your thoughts were how they were ‘modified’ not entirely changing your primary goal and what you are doing about it. If you say, you wanted to become a pilot but since it was difficult you chose to become a software engineer, your employer will not be that excited about you since the job is your last resort not the first choice.

Variations of this question:

  • Have your career plans changed from past? What changed?
  • Do you rigidly stick with your plan or do you stay flexible?

Trap alert: Stating a tweak in goals is ok but not a twist unless you really made the change in your career. If you are thinking of making such a change, you may want to withhold that information for now.


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