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Who made the choice about your college?

Response: I was accepted to all the three colleges that I had applied for, all the three choices were equally valued, however, Brown College stood...

Why have you not opted to pursue Masters?

Response: After speaking with my cousins who graduated in the same field, I learned that the two years’ worth of practical experience with a...

How to prepare for an interview with no job description?

We assume that the question specifically relates to preparing and applying for a job through referral or applying directly on a company’s website when...

Essential Job Interview Tips you don’t want to IGNORE

Ten simple things you should take care of before an interview begins Relatively easy things that can save you from undesirable results  1. Dressing: It’s all in...

Not happy with my job and shaky job chances

Question: I have been deeply dissatisfied to the extent not happy with my job and have been recently demoted partly due to conflicts with...

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