Can you work under pressure?

Question: Can you work under pressure?

Response: I am of the opinion that the right amount of pressure is very effective lubricant in the optimum utilization of the resources, individually and as a team. While there is no question that too much pressure will make us ineffective but a certain degree of healthy pressure helps complete the projects. When I transitioned into the new role as a Senior, I noticed that there was a certain project that has been going on for few months without end in sight. I brought this to my Supervisor’s attention and we agreed to set a timeline. This suddenly focused our energies into the project and we finished it well before the deadline. Without such pressure, I would think the project would not have been concluded.

For Freshers: I see how pressure helps us stay focused in our academics on a daily basis. I see this every semester, without the deadlines and pressure of completing massive portions of material, the degrees would never be completed. Although I think that the current amount of pressure is unhealthy not having stress at all will result in students doing the same course for years without ever completing.

Notes: Everyone feels the pressure, onetime or the other. Focus on the times where you have channeled the pressure in executing the work. Also, examples involving how team has come together and how you contributed in helping meet the deadlines are great.

Variations of this question:

  • What is your view of working under deadlines? Do you deliver?
  • What do you think about working under pressure?

Trap alert: Do not use examples where you have cracked under pressure. If interviewer insists using such an example, always say you were on the verge of cracking down BUT that you did something that helped you cope with it and execute the task successfully.