No, CPA we are talking about does not mean certified public accountant. We are talking about:

Partner (or Boss)
Ass holes

That’s the secret of how you can prioritize your work emails. I get bombarded with close to 100 to 300 emails a day that require me to skim thru, reply, sort or do any number of actions. Knock on wood, I have been fortunate in keeping everyone that comes to me a happy camper. Secret? The one I just shared, I prioritize my work in this order:

Clients: No matter how great your team thinks you are, if your client (by client I mean whoever is paying for your work) starts complaining about you, your hard earned in-house goodwill will evaporate. That is why your first and most important priority is to always respond as quickly and as comprehensively to your clients. Develop a habit of anticipating what their next question might be and answer that even when it’s not raised (your experience should teach you what the next logical question will be). This anticipation makes your clients feel more connected to you.

Partners (or Boss): Your job is to make your boss look good. If your boss is a snob head – read the statement again: Your job is to make your boss look good. If your boss wants you to get something done make sure you have his back.

Ass holes: No matter where you work you will come across one or two. That is a given. What is not immediately apparent is that helping ass holes can get you great fame. Why? No one wants to deal with them and if you develop a knack to tend to their demands – you will be a sought out superstar. Most ass holes are very vocal and that means they not only scream and shout about shit that did not go according to their whims but also about things that went great. When someone hears praises from an ass hole about you – you get rockstar treatment.

So…get your CPA in order and never get bogged down by quantity of emails that come your way. Happ-e-mailing.


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