Elevator Pitch – How to?

Before we go into the interview questions and best responses, let us have some things straight. You need an elevator pitch in your arsenal before you go to an interview:

What is it ? Essentially a 30 seconds monologue about yourself that tells who you are, what you can do and what you want to achieve. We will go through this with elevator pitch examples below.

How to prepare yourself for an elevator pitch

Please do not go for an interview without having this in your arsenal. The best method is to practice by saying it loud and have it recorded and play it back to yourself. If you do not have any recording equipment then you can use feedback from a friend who is honest. Practice your elevator pitch, add-modify-improve to make it interesting to yourself first. IF you doze off with your elevator pitch then you cannot expect the listener to pay attention. Throw in some key words as ‘achieve’, ‘hard work’, ‘strive’ etc.,

Why are we stressing on Elevator pitch so much? Because, it can be used in various situations:

  • Telephone interview – tell me about yourself
  • Personal interview – tell me about yourself
  • Introducing yourself during team meetings
  • Introducing in a meeting

You can extract things from same elevator pitch and use it in various situations.

Elevator pitch examples:

We will look into 2 examples here, the first one is an intern or college graduate and second one is an experienced professional.

Example #1: Intern

My name is Ryan George, I was born in Alabama but spent most of my life here in Atlanta. I went Georgia State University for my Masters in Business Administration with major in Accounting. During my internship I worked at Deloitte in their international tax department where I had the opportunity to prepare the complicated US tax returns that involved international tax issues. In addition to honing my tax skills I have learned about managing time and meeting client expectations during my internship. When I am not studying for my MBA, I volunteer at the Food for All charity organization where I lead the thread for Metro Atlanta where our team serves meals to the homeless. Between the studies and charity work I play American Football as a quarter back. MBA has instilled management skills in me while the charity work has  helped me become humble as an individual, and the Football had taught me how individual contributes to team’s success by being the best one can be..

Look at how an inexperienced individual has grabbed the attention of the potential employer by demonstrating that he got management, networking, team spirit and self-motivation skills. What it also tells the Employer without uttering a word that Ryan is an industrious guy who doesn’t waste his time.

Example #2: Experienced
My name is Ryan George, I was born in Alabama but spent most of my life here in Atlanta. I did my Masters in Business Administration with major in Accounting from Georgia State University. I have had an opportunity to do internship with Deloitte in their international tax practice after which I joined Arogan & Sons as a full time staff in their Audit department. During my tenure with Arogan I studied for my CPA and finished it in single attempt. I was promoted to a Senior in my second year where I started handling big audit projects leading a team of four staff members. Thousands of miles of travel, many long nights in meeting deadlines, keeping my teams morale high all contributed to being recognized as the ‘star performer’ in my third year with Arogan. In that same year, our team won the ‘Team One’ award, an award given to two teams in the firm that have demonstrated great realization in their projects consistently. Once a month, I volunteer at the Food for All, a charity organization that feeds the homeless in Metro Atlanta area. When I am not working or volunteering you will find me playing football with my college Alumni, this is a great way to unwind and keep in touch with my friends amidst my busy schedule.

The above example touches every aspect of Ryan’s professional life, major achievements and contributions. Employers love when they see an individual who has good sense of balancing personal and professional life. This aspect is clearly visible in above example.