habits that can cost you your job

There are 100s’ of things that can cost you your job and most of these are ‘specific’ to individuals and company’s situation.  In this article we will try to distill the MOST common habits out of the many that can cost you your job. The thing about the habits we are going to examine is that  ‘you can fix them as soon as you know you have them’. So, lets look at them so you can identify which one plagues you at this moment:

Becoming obsolete: There is no Y2K anymore. Your current skill maybe the most in demand due to current market trends like the software professionals were in Y2K time period but then what happens when that need is served?  Imagine you are an awesome staff at your job – are your skills enough to make you an awesome senior? or an awesome Manager?  If not – you need to hone your skills that will.  Staying current and up-to the challenge of current trends in market is the only way to stay in demand and not get sacked.

Social media: We feel like we have been attacking social media in the past few articles.  Trust us, we are not doing it on purpose (or we are) but the recent news stand testimony to the bad side of social media especially when it comes to staying employed.  Companies these days are more generous in terms of letting their employees use social media during office hours however – do not go overboard and watch what you say or post there.

Lack of planning: When you work, whether its for you or somebody else, you will start realizing why people in higher roles get paid more than you when people at the lower caders are the ones actually doing the work.  And that realization is ‘planning is everything’.  Without a plan, all resources go to waste.  If you are in a managerial role – your lack of planning will cost your time and your teams time – which can get you sacked.

Falsifying: This includes lying about your time reports, lying about why you are not coming to the office or coming late, lying about just anything that can later be found out (doesn’t mean we encourage any sort of smart lies).

Procrastination, right, we were talking about this earlier.  Its frustrating to wait for something that could have been completed without having to wait?  Thats how your clients, your employer and your co-workers feel when you form a habit of procrastinating.  Procrastinating is not only poisonous to your long term career but life in general.  Get out of it.

As stated earlier, there maybe n number of reasons why a person could be let go but the habits above are the ones that one can identify and rectify.  All the best.


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