Response: In my view, criticism should point the way instead of pointing a finger at me – I welcome that kind of criticism or in other words feedback. Feedback is essential part of learning process and without timely and constructive feedback one would not be able to progress. If someone is continuously cynical about the way, they put their criticism, then I will try to understand if it their communication style, like few individuals tend to come forth as rude even though they don’t mean it that way. I will try to have a meaningful conversation with my counselor and take appropriate action in cases of cynical criticism.

Notes: You will always receive criticism throughout your career – whether its positive or negative is irrelevant – what is relevant is how you make use of it. If you can think of an example where your supervisor has pointed out a better way of doing something, and you applied that to change and improve your performance, bring those up during this question. It shows that you are open to learning and welcome constructive feedback.

Variations of this question:

  • How do you react to negative feedback?
  • How do you deal with people who are blunt?
  • How do you respond to feedback?

Trap alert: Never say you have never received negative feedback. In this modern world they call negative feedback – ‘constructive feedback’ or ‘developmental feedback’ and everyone, even the person interviewing you had got it from his boss.


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