Response: When I first joined the job, I was assigned the task of managing the status of all the 100 existing client jobs. I used to make use of excel and other spreadsheets to tackle the enormous task. Since I am patient and focused, I liked the challenge but soon realized there is a better way to handle the task. I created a macro, which consumed three full personal weekends, that would help pull the required information by just few steps – essentially what took few hours was accomplished in few minutes. Seeing this achievement, our Managing team put me as the head for the ‘process change initiative’. Within the last one year, we could automate many processes and remove many redundant steps. I am now the heading the initiation for the southeast sub-area, and soon we will deploy this to our National practice. I understand how important the usage of technology is for efficient and economical workplace, and my role is defined around that need.

Notes: If you define yourself as ‘the one’ in your organization – then it will raise more questions as to how you can walk away from your role without any remorse. Instead, define your role to be important to the overall objective of the firm but at the same time don’t sound like you are irreplaceable. Always focus on what you did and how it helps the overall company objectives.

Variations of this question:

  • How important your role is at your current company?
  • Do you consider yourself as a critical part of your organization?
  • How do you define the importance of your position in your company?
  • Describe your responsibilities in the current job?

Trap alert: Do not describe yourself as irreplaceable but indispensable.



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