We have dedicated many articles to the topic of social media and its usage while you are employed. We have used numerous examples from the media in those articles. Well, we never thought we would have a victim of social media in our own family.

It just so happened that my brother attended holiday party at the office for the Christmas and the New Year. Everything seemed to have gone well until he was called into HR office the next business day. HR showed him a group picture in which some jack ass decided to write a terrorist group name on a tissue and held it.

My brother did not even know that this was in the picture.

HR was empathetic and acknowledged that my brother has nothing to do with the picture but due to legal repercussions, he has to let everyone in that picture go.

Some of those group members were outside the country on holidays and HR called them asking them to not come in again.

This was a shock to everyone, especially to the insensitivity of that guy who played the prank and how quickly that picture travelled to HRs desk.

As the organizations grow more and more sensitive to what is going on in the world which may be associated with their name, even indirectly, the onus of being careful lies in our hands. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be safe in this overly connected world.

Know what’s picture worthy: For starters, know what is a joke and what is a sensitive matter. National security is never a joke. Soldiers and security officials are sacrificing their lives to keep the country safe from many anti-social elements, as such, anything that purports your insensitivity to their fight is not a joke.

Be sensitive to the surroundings: Be human. This is not much to ask. There have been countless cases of people taking selfies in places of tragedy, like a building caught on fire, accidents etc. While the reaction from social media is strong to these stupid acts – action from the employers has been swift.

Know who you surround yourself with: This incident involving my brother could have been easily avoided if that one jack ass was not present at the party. Although we cannot always foresee the behaviour when alcohol enters the blood stream, we can be vigilant about the people who are known to go overboard in parties or gatherings and keep our distance from them. My brother did not even know that he was part of that picture but that did not stop damage.

When in doubt: world will not bother you if you never share a single picture. Everyone is busy with their own life so your selfie or offensive pose is not at all critical for the general wellbeing of humanity, so do us all a favor, when in doubt, do not share on social media.

Social media is like a knife. You can cut things to feed yourself and if you are not careful you can cut yourself, sometimes very badly.


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