workplace bullying

– Do you fear to go to the office?
– Do you get yelled at the office?
– Does someone keep track of your mistakes only and never your achievements?
– Are you getting passed down for important meetings and discussions?
– Do you feel overwhelmed with the exorbitant amount of work?

All these could be signs that you are getting bullied at your office, whether you realize it or not. Don’t sweat, though, here is what you do if you face the problem of getting bullied at work place:

Keep a log: Sometimes our minds tend to exaggerate or cluster things into the category that they don’t belong. To ascertain that you are really being bullied keep a log of incidents over a period of time. This will come handy in assessing whether you are truly bullied and if so, to escalate it to proper channels and to present your situation in a pragmatic manner. Your log should include emails or other written communication that scorns you for no reason.

Be confident: You will notice that people tend to pick on those that seem weaker than them as their bully targets – you will not see a meek guy pick on a ripped guy as his target for bullying. In the work setting, if you are confident and good at what you are doing – you will most likely be left alone. If you have been projecting yourself as a meek person – it’s time to show them what you are made of.

Know your options: There may be a policy against bullying at your workplace or someone else may have already dealt with this douche bag before. You never know, but you must, if you want to take action. If the company has policies – talk to the HR (don’t do this before having enough proof to establish that you are indeed being targeted). If someone else has already dealt with a similar situation with the same person or others – you should seek their ‘confidential’ advice. Let the person know that you just want to know how to deal with the situation but try not to reveal the ‘names’, where possible (you never know who is connected to who and how).

Be objective and do not lose your cool: Remember it is your workplace, if you plan to stay there for the long haul – you should deal with any situation in the most amicable manner, bullying is not an exception. Do not yell back, scream, act hasty or throw stuff back. Just stay calm – after all, it is just a job – be confident, know your options and take the right action without losing your cool.

You are getting paid for the job and not to help alleviate somebody’s childhood affection issues. Speak up but speak humbly and handle the situation with dignity.


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