how to face interview with confidence

Question: I have taken a break to pursue baccalaureate degree in field of my passion after working in ‘jobs’ for over 10 years.  Now that I have my degree – I am finding it difficult to face interviews with confidence, partly due to my pending bills and partly due to rusty interview skills.  How do I conquer my fear and go about interviewing for my dream career?

JIB: First of all – Kudos.  Not many people will have the gusto or guts to pursue a degree after having worked for 10 years to get into one’s dream career.  Hats off.

Let me ask you few questions:

  1. Since you got your degree in this field because of your passion – will you be putting in all your heart at work?
  2. This opportunity, when it becomes yours, will not just be a job but important part of your life, is that true?
  3. If you were to compete head on with someone who just got out of college without know-how of how the world operates – will you outwit them with your experience and newly acquired skills?
  4. Do you see yourself succeeding in your beloved profession that you carved out for yourself?

Our hope is that your answer to all of the above questions is a resounding YES.

If that’s the case, then know this, it is exactly what employers all over the world are looking for.  That means, not only you are in demand in the city you are searching but anywhere this particular profession exists.

With so many potential employers fighting for an employee like you – why should you stumble, why should you mumble, why should you be tensed?

I don’t see a reason.

So, keep your head high and answer all that you know and be humble about things you don’t know (your experience would have already taught you that).

Research on how to present yourself, what your field is looking for, make use of information we provide here at our site and prepare well.  There is no alternative to preparation but once you step into an office for interview – be confident and know that you will be soaring at the opportunity that comes searching for you!

All the best!


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