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Q: I was contacted by a recruiter and somehow (work schedule, friends visit, laziness) I missed to respond in time. How do I go back letting her know the reasons without coming out as too apologetic (on any other day, she would have heard from me within 24 hours). Any suggestions?

JIB:  Situations like not responding to client, boss, recruiter, and loved ones do happen. It is natural consequence of being part of this incessantly fast paced and insanely connected world. There is nothing to fret and as long as you keep your communication open and honest, these delays can help bring out the ‘composure’ facet of you. You can use these lapses in your favor by how you respond.

Consider below example:

Hi Louis,

Hope all is well.

Sorry for not returning your email/call on Friday. I had a friend, who went to college with me, visiting me for past week and left last night. I was busy last 3 days hosting him. While that was underway, I had a broken phone situation.

Although they are lame excuses on their own, combined, they impeded my ability to revert back to you as soon as I normally would. Hope you understand.

Please let me know if you would like to catch up sometime today.  Phone: 123-456-0786;

Best regards,

John Smith

Above email not only says you are sorry (for obvious reasons you are getting that out of the way) but you conjunct it with reasons as to why. Sometimes, its not one reason that prohibits you from responding, be honest to the extent needed (we don’t need to know about your hookups and adventures) and keep your message short.

Using the above example, build your own effective ‘Sorry I am late because…” email.


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