how to shine at work

Everyone wants to be noticed and excel at their job.  That is a good thing for you and the company.

We have shared 17 workplace tips earlier that we gathered from professionals from all walks of life on how to have a successful career.  In this article, we will go through things you can do to shine at the workplace:

1. Deliver more than you are paid for – The famous Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and grow rich” has good advice for everyone, especially for people working for others. One such advice in the book is “work more than what you are paid for”.  We agree.  There is no better way to be popular than putting in your hard work.  After everything is said and done – it is the hard work that sets people apart.

2. Be talented hard worker, not just talented or just hard working: If you are just talented – it won’t fetch you anything.  Stephen King in his book “On writing” said “Talent is as cheap as table salt, what sets people apart is their hard work”1. He is right.  Ideas are plenty and so are talented people. Combining smart thinking with your willingness to put forth the required work is what will set you apart from everyone else.

3. Meet/exceed expectations: When you work hard and make use of your smart thinking side – you should have no problem meeting or exceeding expectations.  A very famous quote says “Do what is necessary then do what is possible and soon you will find yourself doing the impossible”.  Follow this advice,  meet the deadlines then exceed some and soon you will be made responsible for more important tasks.

4. When you err – do everything you can to fix it on your end: Randy Pausch in his lecture (which later became famous as “last lecture” and was published as a book) said that everyone makes mistakes, what differentiates leaders from mediocre is the ability to accept the mistake, apologize and do EVERYTHING they can to fix it.  Maxwell Maltz said “you are not your mistake”, successful people know this and thats why they are not afraid of taking ownership of their mistakes. Mediocre on the other hand internalize their mistakes so much so that they think they are the ‘mistake’. You are not your mistake but you will be what you learn from your mistakes. Accept, fix, learn and do not repeat – thats all there is to mistakes.

5. Boss treatment: If your boss calls you for a meeting – would you be late? If you got a project to finish for your boss – would you procrastinate at it?  If you are like most others – you wouldn’t. Give the Boss/VIP treatment to everyone you interact with at the workplace. You will soon build a good image. Modern day psychology says “you give others as much respect as you give yourself, even if you are unaware of it”.  This treating everyone like a VIP is a win-win strategy as it will not only help you build a good image in the workplace but also help you build a good image about yourself in your mind, and that goes a long way.

6. Do not join the complain group:  Every workplace has complainers.  Do NOT join that group.  Do NOT abandon them either – say your Hi’s and byes and that’s about it.  Be as neutral as possible with the complainers.  Do not encourage, politely excuse yourself in the name of some urgent work or whatever.  Reason why many people start hating their jobs is not because of their own thinking but because of the group thinking mentality.  Every workplace has merits and demerits, complainers group seems to focus on the later, and that is the reason why you have to stay away from them. This will help keep a positive outlook at your job.

I am forcing myself to stop here because I want you to digest all of this information in.  I may add a part 2 to this but for now – digest all you can from this article, apply it and see how it changes your presence in the workplace.


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