Interview Questions about Education Background

Next in the queue after ‘about you‘ questions is about your education and training. Employers know that you will be using only small part of what you have studied during the college in real life, as such, it is far more important to be confident during the interview trying to remember the concepts that you read from the hard bound copy some three years ago.

We are not implying that, if you had the opportunity, to not re-visit the concepts, you learned during the college but that should not be your priority when preparing for the interview.

Most of the education background questions in this category are targeted towards freshers. Experienced candidates should not have difficulty in discussing the questions about their education by just skimming through the responses given below and merging them with the experience they have acquired.

1. What are your long term training goals?

2. Tell me how your education has prepared you for the job?

3. What is your opinion about the latest trends in the market?

4. What skills have you learned at your college/previous employer?

5. Do your grades reflect your potential?

6. Who made the choice about your college?

7. Why have you not opted to pursue Masters?

8. Do you have any regrets about the way you spend your time during your college?