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I am thinking to move into another department within our office. HR sits in the same building and has asked me to come for an interview for the other department. Interview may take place in same building – how do I ensure that my team doesn’t find out that I am interviewing for job in another department when the interview is in same building?  I don’t want my Manager to find out as it may complicate things for me (especially if I don’t end up getting the job at the other place). Help!

JIB: Your situation is pretty manageable.  I would have taken one of the following possible routes:

Interview outside: Is there a possibility to ask for interview over coffee or lunch with the HR.  Since you all are in same company – this shouldn’t be too out of the norm. As the HR knows that you are working in the same building – this is totally understandable and I have seen this happen very frequently.

Interview during Lunch: If you definitely have to do it in the building, and hopefully the HR is not on same floor, schedule it for closer to lunch or end of business day times. You should have no problem sneaking out of your floor, meet the HR in the building and come back. If you suspect that there may be messengers on the HR’s floor that will leak information to your Manager – then absolutely find a neutral floor in the building where the chances of you stumbling onto people that know your Manager are slim.

Alternative ways to interview:  Can your HR interview you over Skype or other video messengers?  Find out. With the technology use becoming more frequent in hiring practice – this could be a way to go. If this is a possibility – take time off from the office, set yourself up for interview on Skype, test it out at least couple of hours in advance (with your spouse or friends) to make sure technology works fine. Have alternative options to login (for example, laptop and smartphone or tablet) in case one fails – you have alternatives to rely on. Make sure you have a notepad, water bottle and your phone by the side when sitting for the interview.

Go for it: If none of the above options work for you and meeting your HR is the designated spot within your building is the only way – go for it.  From the sound of it – looks like you desperately need the move – so even if you don’t get it in another department – you will eventually find another job in your aspiring field. If your Manager finds out about your interview and starts giving you hard time – it may actually work as a catalyst for you to increase your efforts.

All the best!


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