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Question: I have recently graduated and after few internships in the field of event planning, I am in the market looking for jobs. Finding employers in this area is difficult (as most job sites do not have many of these jobs listed). I have few companies that I would like to work for but do not know how to get in front of them. Does cold calling companies work in this age?

JIB: It seems, it is not only difficult to find a job in event planning area but to write suggestions in relation to your question on the subject. Nevertheless, I have strived to provide guidance below – hope it helps.

1. Website/Press News: A question for you first – if you have completed internships, why don’t you have contacts at those companies? Internships are a great way to impress your potential employers and to hopefully land a job when you graduate. We wrote a comprehensive article on how to turn internships to land a job, read it once, you may find some helpful hints. If you have interned with at least one of the places where you see yourself thriving, contact the supervisor or HR to let them know how much you enjoyed your time there and how you would like to be part of their team. If they liked you during your internship – chances are they will latch on your invite if they have openings.

About cold calling, we do not recommend it for few reasons:

  • Receptionists/front office who pick the phone have no idea (in big organizations) what openings or even departments they have in their organization. Unless you have a specific department or name to reach to the front desk is almost of no help.
  • Cold calling shows that you have not done your part of research. If you did – you would already know if the company is hiring or not? And most of the HR personnel do not like getting cold calls.

What do we recommend?

Check company website for any potential openings. In the space you are talking about – if you see any major events in future that the company is looking to organize, it is a great opportunity opener. If there is an event planning head’s name listed – you can try and reach out to them.  We have penned a letter for you below, feel free to tweak and use.

– – – – –

Dear Sir/ Madam,

My name is John Smith and I am an Event Planner Graduate from EP College. I have been studying your company for sometimes and I like the innovative ideas you bring to various events.

For example, I was pretty impressed by the event with Prime Minister video conferencing with kids from remote parts of the country. For those that watched that event on TV – it was a true realization of how technology can be used to take education to the most remote parts of the country.

**Give one or two more examples**

I would like to congratulate you on all the success of these events and many future successes to come.

Speaking of future successes, I strongly feel that my goals as an individual, which include being part of epic events that have an underlying purpose and never compromising on service, align perfectly with goals of your company.

It would be an honor for me if you would consider reviewing my candidature.  I hope to be part of an esteemed company like yours.  It would be a real dream come true for me just like it was for the kids who you connected to Prime Minister.

**Use their caption intelligently to end the paragraph, for example, if their caption is dare to dream, this is how we would end the paragraph**

I dare to dream and only need an opportunity to speak to you about what I can do for the company to prove it.

Thank you for your time.


John Smith


2) LinkedIn: Do a company search and see if you can connect with anyone working there. If you are able to connect with anyone – start a dialog. Do not jump into marketing yourself at the first go. Give it some time. If you get in touch with HR then there is no problem in pitching your candidature.

3) Company website: There are various contacts (and job postings in many instances) listed on company websites. If you get hold of an HR or department contact, tweak the above letter to reach out to them.

4) Referrals: Beauty about searching for your dream job is that you eventually come across a friend of a cousin’s cousin friend who works in the field of your dreams. Reach out to them without shame. Do not bog them down with sales pitch but ask them genuine questions as to how it is to be in this field, what are the challenges, what certifications, if any, will give you edge, etc. People who are working in the field have gone through the hype and they know the real day-to-day experiences and in some instances that insight may prompt you to re-think your dream career.

Please note that we are not against the idea of cold calling, we are just pointing other ways that might be possible. If the company you are focusing on does not have presence on the internet – then cold calling may be one of the last options, nothing to lose in trying when you run out of options to contact them.

We admire the fact that you figured what field you want to invest in and wish you all the best.


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