Ten simple things you should take care of before an interview begins

Relatively easy things that can save you from undesirable results

 1. Dressing: It’s all in dressing. Unless you have some patents on your name, you must look sharp and flawless at the interview. How you dress for the interview is your highest standard of dressing – set it high – you can dial it down when you land the job. Wear the shoes that shine (and keep them shining). Select a professional tie – save the Santa Claus ties for later.

2. Eye contact: Getting a good night sleep is essential, especially, the night before the interview.  Avoid alcohol beverages or late night shows the night before the interview. One of THE most important things at the interview is to maintain eye contact – if you come with red-fluffy-watery eyes due to lack of sleep or overdose of alcohol – it will not help you make great connection let alone great impression.

3. Smell: The cologne you wear may not tell a lot about you but a bad odor does speak a mile about you from a mile away. Wear cologne that is easy on nostrils.

4. Breath: Carry some mint (gum or tic tacs) or breath spray with you.  If you happen to carry gum – do not chew it during the interview.

5. Water: Keep yourself well hydrated as it will avoid the parched mouth during the interview. It may be a good idea to carry a mini bottle of water with you, if the interview is going longer than you had imagined, you can take a sip to keep your lips from sticking during the interview (at the right opportunity).

6. Voice/Pace: We have been listening to ourselves ever since we started talking – what feels like a natural pace to us may not be the right pace – easiest fix is – to speak slowly and articulate. Practice it in front of mirror, or your friends or willing elders to find a great fitting frequency.

7. Posture: Always keep your spine erect, lean a little forward and do not lounge.

8. Timing: Arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time – take a leak, comb your hair and set your tie right.  Do not arrive more than 20 minutes early – if you happen to reach the place earlier than this – do not show up at the reception – stay in the parking lot (or at the bus stop).

9. Hand towel/handkerchief: It will come handy to wipe the sweat off of your palms or face.

10. SHUT your phone: I cannot stress this enough – for most part you should switch off your phones – if you cannot for whatever a reason – mute it completely – no buzz or blink.  If you carry other electronic devices (?) – switch them off as well (unless your vital bodily functions are hooked to it).

Other relevant things you may need to carry –

– A copy of your latest resume

– A copy of your cover letter

– Pen

– Educational credentials


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