not happy with my job

Question: I have been deeply dissatisfied to the extent not happy with my job and have been recently demoted partly due to conflicts with Manager and partly due to my poor performance. I have been asked to put in extra hours, which would have been fine if I liked the job, but due to my dissatisfaction I am not willingly putting in any extra hours.

I have recently interviewed with a large company and my final interview is coming up. My dilemma is that this company laid off few individuals last year and with economy still slow to rise in my area – I am concerned if this move would be a safe one? Help.

JIB: It just seems that you have already made up your mind in terms of leaving your current job, if you have not made up your mind and if things continue the way you describe them to be, it won’t be long that they will force you out of there. Sorry – I am not being negative but you cannot perform at a job that you are deeply dissatisfied at.

Now, with that in mind, you have to make the move. And the economy issues are always going to be there, sluggish growth at one stage and overgrowth causing companies to outsource jobs to meet the demands, in either case, resulting in some layoffs. Sad but it is the state of affairs in the current world. Take up the job as challenge and find a way to love your job, it will help you perform better and get you the recognition you deserve. You can also enhance your profile by taking up some certification courses.

It is hard to miss the pessimistic tone in your question – try visualization and/or meditation techniques for the long term resilience and tranquility.

Good luck.


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