I want to apply for a job at a company that I was let go from more than a decade ago.  I have since worked on my education, have learned a lot and have even retired. I was looking for work to get some side income and came across this job posting. What do you think – should I apply?

JIB: Why not?  There are multiple reasons why you should:

  1. Database may not even have your records: Most companies purge and archive the data of the employees and may not hinder your application.
  2. Change in teams: Those who you worked with and those who had hand in you being let go may not be with the company.
  3. You are taking up a challenge: This could be actually a clear advantage that you have over other applicants.  “I was here and I know what it takes to succeed here and I believe I have honed those skills during the past 10+ years.”  That statement made well with confidence can turn the tables to your favor.


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