social media at work

Question: Why does my employer (current or potential) care about what I do outside the office in my personal time? Can they take any action based on the things that I do on my social media, isn’t it private and protected?

JIB: Generally your employer doesn’t care about what you do on your social media accounts unless you become the topic of some viral hype.  Whether you are currently working or looking for a job, NOTE, it’s not private if it’s on social media.  Take for example, Christina was called sleazy by New York Post in an article titled “Village Idiots” for a picture that she took with her friends with a background of a tragic scene.

Take note, narcissists out there. Your life is yours until it makes it on social media, then it becomes buzz on the media before you know it and you cannot stop it.  Sometimes the damage to one’s reputation is beyond repair.

We wrote a whole article on the dangers of misusing social media and the topic begs attention, again.

Look – it’s okay if you want to chronicle your life in whatever crooked way of picture montage as long as you keep it private.  If you are a narcissistic show off then there is a big danger of exposing your in-sensitivities to the world and that’s not a good thing, especially if you have to go out and make a living in the world out there. We don’t recommend being a narcissistic show off even if you are a billionaire who doesn’t have to work, ever.

Imagine taking a picture at a grim site and then showing up at office only to realize that while you were sleeping internet was fired up with your offensive picture and now you are the heartless clown at the office, all because of an insensitive (not innocent, stupid maybe) act on your part.

When such a situation occurs, how are you going to start the conversation? How are you going to wipe off the black mark that these incidents leave on your career?  How willing will your company be in terms of considering you for a promotion and eventually you to represent their company and their values if your in-sensitivities travel places even where you have not?

If you have absolutely no control on what you post on internet, do us all a favor, make your profile PRIVATE no matter where you exist on this big world wide web.


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