confidence at interview

To be myself OR to prepare well?  I know the answers to most common questions and feel like I have much more to prepare but my friends and family suggest that I am taking it too seriously.  Am I, really?

JIB: You have to strike a balance. If you already have experience in the field you are interviewing for, other than preparing for generic questions, learning about company and the future of the company and you, if you are selected, having some good questions to ask, you really cannot prepare any more.

If you don’t have any prior experience you just have to brush up on key academic skills (just refresh not rut), prepare for generic questions, learn about company and have few good questions to ask, that itself will keep you at the right spot in your interview.

Remember that the interviewer doesn’t know what you prepared for or know other than your demeanor and confidence with which you respond at the interview.

If you don’t prepare at all – you will lack the confidence. If you prepare too much – you may become anxious about the results and may show low confidence levels.  And that is why the advice – strike a balance – prepare as much as you can, take a break and be yourself (if you are otherwise not very confident, then practice visualization to develop a confident persona).


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