Response: I have learned many skills during my Masters but few I will carry with me throughout my life. One is time management – time is the most valuable resource that everyone of us have, and every one of us have the same 24 hours, how we manage those same 24 hours will determine our success or failure. Second skill is breaking the big projects into manageable tasks – this we learned while executing our class projects – initially they would seem big and unattainable, but we have successfully completed all of them and in the process I have learned that, however big the project appears, breaking it into ‘tasks’ helps us complete the ‘substantial project’. We have also learned computer skills.

Notes: The interviewer wants to see if you connect the academics with the practical world or do you whine about what you studied has nothing to with the actual work. Always try to pick three major things you did during the college and a key skill you have learned from it – then mention that skill in relation to the job you will do (or how you used it in previous jobs you have held). It is not just the grades that you got in your college that are important – it is the process you underwent in achieving those grades that will serve you greatly in the real world.

Related questions:

  • Do you think that the Today’s education system prepares you for the real world demands?
  • Are academics useful? How did your academics prepare you for this job?

Trap alert: Never go on and on about how ‘hard’ you had to work, everyone had to. Just pick few specific skills you learned and how you are going to apply.


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