using social media to find a job

If you are like any other adult with access to the internet – you spend a lot of time on social networking sites, why not make your time’s worth?

You can use social sites to your advantage and turn them into your tools for job search. In this article, we will discuss our favorite social networking sites and using social media to find a job.

Before we look at the individual social networking sites, let’s talk about the pre-work you need:

1. Groundwork required: Before you can make use of your social networks in your job search – make sure you have deleted all the pictures, comments or links that you would otherwise not like for your potential employer to see. Also, do a general google search for your name and see what you are associated with (don’t be surprised) and take measures to clean up any associations that you don’t want others to poke into.

2. Update your profile: In a way, your profile takes the place of a resume (does not replace it though) on the social networking sites. When you go out to network, your potential employers will browse through your profile, as such, make sure it contains all the historical data such as experience, strengths, and professional associations in there in crisp, clean and to the point format.

3. Network: Add relevant sites, groups and organizations to your list. This will help you keep up-to-date with the markets. Sometimes, you will even come across the job profile that you are desperately looking for.

4. Include keywords in your profile: Networking is your way of going out to find your interest groups/potential employers. How do you make it easier for them to find you? You include the keywords. For example, if you are looking for an audit job – your keywords could be “Auditor, Location, CPA”. You get the idea. When an employer searches for a particular profile on a social network you will be among the names that pop up.

5. Search settings: Make sure your profiles are public (or any setting that makes relevant information about you searchable). If you keep your profile private – people will not be able to find you. Make sure you do the clean up before actually making your profile public (see the Groundwork section above).

Above points apply to almost all the social networking sites you use in your job search. Address them all.

Now about our favorite social networking sites you can turn into tools for your job search tools:

Facebook: Graph – is what you need to remember when it comes to facebook. This new feature will make it easier for people (including your potential employer) search with keywords combination like “People who know .net in Atlanta, Georgia”. This will pull all the people in Atlanta area with .net in their profile.

Twitter: Hashtags – that’s the word you got to think when thinking of twitter. You can do a direct search on google just by using the # sign. For example: If I want to see who is hiring a Java developer in Atlanta area, this is what I would type in google: site: twitter java developer #jobs Atlanta. Also, you want to check this article on 50 hottest hashtags.

Linkedin: Once you have a solid profile setup on the LinkedIn search for groups that interest you. Try to follow the discussions on these groups and if you have any uncommon insight based on your experience, share that (without revealing the client’s details). This will put you in touch with people who need and afford your expertise. Also, do not overlook the ‘jobs’ tab on LinkedIn, especially within these groups.

Google+ : The plus is catching up. It may not be as popular as Facebook yet but remember that the + is backed by Google, so when someone does a general search – guess whose results google is going to pop up? Just as we mentioned in the ground work section you have to set up a solid profile, join communities (like groups in other social media) and be active in the conversation throwing in your ‘rare insights’ to showcase your expertise. If you can, initiate a circle discussing a particular topic and share as much information as you can about the topic. It’s that easy.

Pinterest: Create a pin board with various sections of your resume on Pinterest. Once you have this, connect with groups that interest you. Link your Pinterest to your Facebook/Twitter etc., Remember this is not the only social media tool you are using but this is one of the many social networks you are mobilizing to act as your job search agents.

There you have it, friends, a list of our favorite social network sites to help you with your job search. All the best!


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