turning internship into full time job

Turning an internship into a full time job is not really difficult but it does involve some hard and smart work on your side. Remember that employers are always looking for good quality employees as much as employees are looking for good employers.  Here is how you demonstrate that you are the ‘good’ employee that the employer is looking for:

1: Be ready to work your ass off: During internship – some companies deliberately make you work more and give you tasks that would otherwise be not part of the work profile – all this to see how flexible, hard working and patient you are.  Be ready to put forth your best self and extend it beyond the regular 8 hours shift.

2. Research but do not reinvent the wheel:  When given a task – try to do some research.  It is expected that you ‘may not know the answer’, however, your supervisor will not appreciate if you seek out the ‘easy’ way out of ‘asking’ everything.  If you demonstrate that you have done your research and couldn’t find the answer – then your supervisor is more likely to be appreciative and he/she will even show how to look for it next time.  During the initial days – write down all the resources that are mentioned and ensure you search all of them before seeking help.

3. Share your ideas: Don’t think that you don’t know enough to comment on a process or the way things work at your intern place.  Share your ideas with your supervisor in a constructive manner without ever criticising.  A fresh perspective sometimes brings out flaws in the system that were not noticed before and it will be appreciated.  Always frame your question saying “I have noticed that we do such and such like this, I think it may have worked better ‘this’ way, is there a specific reason why we do it like the way we do it?”.  This will showcase that you are willing to see the broader perspective.

4. Exceed expectations:  Whatever the task, always try to exceed expectations. If you were asked to take copies of a file – keeping it stacked, organized and clipped may show that you do care.  Of course that is a bad example but you get the idea – each task always comes with the possibility of ‘better presentation’, look for that.  You cannot expect to exceed expectations without meeting the minimum expectations – so always keep your supervisor abreast of status of your work.

5. Know your team:  Don’t be glued to your chair.  Walk around and network.  Get to know your team and whenever opportunity arises – go grab a coffee or lunch with them.  Making your ‘future’ team feel comfortable with your presence is important if you intend to be part of the team for your career.

6. Let them know: Your employer will not understood that you are interested to work for them unless you make it deliberate.  Talk to your supervisor and let him/her know about your interest.

7. Keep track of what you learn:  When you send out the goodbye email – it has to be more than ‘appreciate the opportunity’, it has to include specifics of what you learned, what you enjoyed doing and a blooper (not directly related to work) – this will leave a lasting impression and whenever your team thinks of hiring the intern for full time position – this goodbye email will trigger in their memories.  Below is an example (edit per your situation):


Hi Everyone,

I have enjoyed my internship with XXXX Department this summer.  It has been an exhilarating experience to say the least.

I have learned how to prepare the tax returns for individuals who travel to various countries triggering taxes in more than one location.  I had first hand experience of calculating the foreign tax credits to avoid double taxes for our clients.  I also had the opportunity to speak with some clients and help answer their questions.  Long hours never seemed overwhelming because of the teaming and support on the floor.

On a lighter note, it took me 3 trials to figure out how our coffee machine dispenses the Espresso.  I will remember that among all other things I have learned during my internship here.

Thank you everyone for making this a successful and memorable internship.  I wish to be part of this wonderful team in future, until that time, I will keep in touch and hope you will do the same, I can be reached at: 201-201-2010 or email:John@xyz.com


John Doe.


You will notice in the above email/letter that you are listing things you have learned, making a reference to ‘coffee machine’ so that you are remembered over coffee breaks and you are stating that ‘you want to be part of the team’. Those are the elements your goodbye email should have.All the best!


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