Response: Since I already have my Masters, I plan to establish myself as a great employee in the next year. Once I have dedicated enough time to learn and master the work related technologies, I would then like to pursue the Project Management Program certification to prepare myself for the next level, that is, Managing the projects on my own. However, my immediate goal is to master the technologies on the job and become the ‘to go’ person for the peer and contribute to the team goals.

Notes: Focus here should be the job you are applying for. Make sure your interviewer knows that your goals are ‘long-term’ and this job is part of those goals. Try to avoid a single line answers like ‘In two years I want to enroll for my MBA and by end of 5 years, I will be an MBA’ or something similar which is a great personal goal but of no great value to the company. What they hear is that they will lose a well-trained employee in 2 years and no company willingly invests in someone whose long-term plans’ first phase is to leave the company.

Variations of this question:

  • How will you further your education while working?
  • Do you have any aspirations to study?
  • What are your educational goals for next 5 years?

Trap alert: If you are just an undergraduate, make sure to mention that you plan to do a professional certification OR Masters through distance or night college mode. Do NOT say that you will quit in a year once you get experience.


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