Response: Developing a complete project is like completing a mosaic, you know what outcome you want, but you just have to keep putting the pieces together until you get the outcome. Our team works on developing these pieces, and then we need to ensure that we are working towards the same outcome. Completing my part of the piece each day is what keeps me excited. If all the pieces are considerable – the outcome is always great. That is what keeps me motivated to go to work every morning, contributing towards the team’s success and enjoying the appreciations of a job well done.

Notes: Try to avoid things that are specific to the ‘company’ rather focus on things that are ‘job’ generic. If something is too particular to your employer, for example, location – Manager – policies – etc., then it would be an indirect indication that you will not be satisfied in the company you are applying your job at. Remember the saying “Love your job, not the company,” apply that when answering this question. Love what you do, not where you do it, and project only your love for the work not the place.

Variations of this question:

  • What part of the job makes you feel excited each morning?
  • What makes you tick in this job?

Trap alert: Do not project too much attachment to the company – dedication towards job is a healthy thing when changing jobs but not too much attachment with your current company.


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