Experienced: My dream job would be where I can put my experience to use to build a great team that can handle complex projects. I always envisioned myself to lead a motivated team in which everyone gives himself/herself to the task making the team one of the best teams in the organization. I would like to be associated with building, developing and leading such a team.

Fresher: My ideal job would be where my education is put to use to develop myself as an individual as well a great team player. I would see myself to be part of important projects to learn and grow myself so that I can soon lead a team on my own. A role in an organization where my contributions are recognized and more opportunities arise for mutual growth.

Notes: It is a general tendency to state the dreams we had like being a Pilot or photographer or whatever, but if you are not interviewing for those jobs, it may be better not to mention those at this time. You want to give an impression that you have figured out your career path.

Variations of this question:

  • What is your ideal job?

Trap alert: Feet on the ground.


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