Response: I have subscribed to ‘The Economist’, and I also enjoy reading ‘financial times’ quarterly edition that gives a great synopsis of what is going on in the financial world on a quarterly basis. Undoubtedly, the bail out of major car companies and the way US Government took its firm position in supporting these companies caught my attention. I think…

Notes: The focus here is not whether you have good taste but whether you keep yourself abreast of current market conditions. You have to name the subscription that is most ‘apt’ for your profession. For example, if you are a computer engineer, then the fact that you read ‘financial times’ may not grab your interviewer’s attention as much as it would if you mention – you are an elite member of ‘IBM’s’ limited newsletter.

Variations of this question:

  • Do you follow the market trends? How?
  • What trade/professional subscriptions did you enroll to? What is one of the recent most interesting topic in the market that caught your attention.

Trap alert: Do NOT say that you don’t read or follow the market. If you have not subscribed to journals, you can always mention the series in the TV you follow that directly relates to your line of work/profession.


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