Response: I was shy to speak in front of large groups, by that I mean, groups larger than 20 people. At the college, my English Professor encouraged me to participate in elocution sessions on various topics. He made sure that I had at least one opportunity each month to speak in front of the whole class of 40 students. First few sessions were very scary but with my Professors coaching, I have developed a talent for speaking in front of larger audience – however, getting over this shyness has also helped me to become more confident in other aspects of life as well.

Notes: It is the process of being disciplined in executing your task, which is important than the task itself. This is what you have to stress in responding to this answer. You can also stress on the recently developed technical skills (either on job or through training).

Trap alert: Do not talk about the talents that are contradictory to the role you are in. For example, if your role requires you to be a team player, focus on team skills you learned, if you have to work independently, then you focus on those skills.


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