Response: Every organization has different sets of processes in executing the job tasks. It would be premature for me to propose any changes without actually working with the organization for a few months. The proposals I now think may not apply in the light of your processes. I also would like to take the input from the team before coming up with the proposal for changes so that the changes are welcomed rather than resisted.

Notes: From your own experience, you may have suggestions that you are tempted to give but hold on to that thought because your suggestions may be obsolete in this organization but more importantly it is important to show that you like to consult with others before proposing the changes.

Variations of this question:

  • Based on your experience, what suggestions would you make to this job?
  • From your experience, what is the one thing that needs change in this job?

Trap Alert: No suggestions without having worked/seen the processes on the job.


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