Experienced: I have excelled at the positions I have held so far, but they were mostly technical based positions. In the next three years, I want to position myself in team lead roles where my technical expertise is put to the right use in guiding the staff and seniors while giving me a greater responsibility in terms of people management. In 5 years, I see myself as the Project Manager that not only oversees the technical aspect of the project but also the ‘human’ (or team) aspect of the project. I have taken up night classes to prepare the Project Management Exam in next year or so, which should help me get ready for my progression.

Fresher: I see myself becoming the expert at the technologies and technical aspects in the following two years, in another two years, or so I like to assume a role of Team Lead that involves technical and team management responsibilities. During the coming years, I plan to complete PDP, PMP exams so that I have the right skill set to assume roles of greater responsibilities in the coming five years. Following this plan, I see myself becoming the team lead handling teams on major projects.

Notes: Single line answers do not cut it. If you say, “In five years I see myself to be the Project Manager,” it is good but does not present how. The ‘how’ needs to be answered whether it is asked as a part of this question or not.

Variations of this question

  • Have you carved out a plan about your future career? How does it look like?
  • Do you plan or react? What have you planned about your career?

Trap alert: Avoid stating too simple or too grandiose aspirations at this point, the former indicates you don’t trust yourself enough and the latter indicates that you don’t have your feet on the ground.


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