Response: I was accepted to all the three colleges that I had applied for, all the three choices were equally valued, however, Brown College stood out with the implementation of computer-aided study curriculum. The integration of modern technology with the academics to help the students get exposure to the ‘real’ world tools while getting the ‘academic’ education really motivated me – this made the choice to choose Brown over other two, not to mention, Brown has won academic excellence awards three years in a row.

Notes: This question’s main focus is to see if you planned your college and made your own choice, or if you had to attend this college due to lack of choice. If your parents or relatives have decided the college for you, do NOT mention that during the interview – interviewer wants to know that you make your decisions, and your decisions are not influenced by others.

Variations of this question:

  • Did you choose to go to xyz college?
  • What other colleges did you get accepted at? Why did you choose abc?

Trap Alert: Do not make strong statements such as ‘this is the best college’ or ‘the football team rocks’ etc., you never know if the interviewer has studied at your rival college that got beaten down in every sport by your college.


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