Response: When I finished the college, my immediate goal was to get a job to get experience and start paying off my college loan. All the three jobs I initially held were in smaller firms where I have learned all I could in a relatively short amount of time. Now, I am ready to make the right move into a bigger firm such as yours to expand my horizons into a long-term career.

Notes: Questions which portray a negative aspect about you need to be answered in brief and direct method. Do not pro-long your responses in responding to questions like these. Have a good reason, state the reason and stop. Do NOT justify, do not back up, do not use excuses – just make your case and move on.

Variations of this question:

  • Your resume shows that you have changed quite a few jobs in relatively short time. How do we know you have long term goals for this job?

Trap alert: Keep your reason for job change short and to the point. Too much explanation raises unnecessary questions.


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