Response: I have great respect for XYZ. I have learned from my friends and through my research about your employee encouragement programs and employee training opportunities – they are much sophisticated than what I have come across so far. I would very much like to be part of an organization that empowers its employees by providing the right kind of environment, great teaming opportunities and healthy challenges for growth; that is exactly the kind of place I have prepared myself all along. You have built the precise kind of place for the best people to work for, and I have raised myself to be the ‘finest’ that your organization is looking for.

Notes: Hopefully, you have done your research and learned all that you could about the job and the company when you applied. You should have prepared for this question before you stepped into the company premise for the interview. You should always be specific about the things that you admire about the company and how you relate with the common objectives of the company. If you say, “I admire your company” it doesn’t say anything, but if you say, “I admire your company’s initiative for Women employees” it says a lot because it is specific. Learn, enquire and jot down few things that you absolutely love about the company. Develop a passion for these positive things and you will be amazed at the outlook you will have at the interview.

Variations of this question:

  • What prompted you to apply in our organization?
  • What are some factors that made you to apply here?
  • What are you seeking here that you already are not getting at your present company?

Trap alert: Do not be vague. Point out 2-3 things that really speak to you. Do NOT make things up.


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