Response: After speaking with my cousins who graduated in the same field, I learned that the two years’ worth of practical experience with a company as yours is more valuable than what class room has to offer. I will treat this opportunity as an extension of my education. I also plan to take advanced courses in ‘distance’ mode so that I have the right qualifications to progress within the company. Those who go to traditional college will only have a Graduated in two years, but I will have my graduation and two valuable years of experience. Sure, I will miss the college life but that’s a sacrifice I am willing to give for the invaluable experience that I will gain by working.

Notes: If you have applied for the job after your under-graduate course, what interviewer is really asking is ‘will you stay in this job for long haul or will you bail out after saving enough for your college?’ Always answer this question with a positive reinforcement of your intentions to stay longer while pursuing the part-time education. This demonstrates that you take your career and pursuit of knowledge seriously. If you have degrees through a Distance education system – then you can modify this answer to tell them how you got both degree and experience at the same time with extra hard work.

Variations of this question:

  • Do you intend to complete your Masters/Graduation in near future?
  • Our company needs a Graduate Degree for higher roles, as you grow with us, lack of Graduation may hinder your promotion chances with us. How will you handle this?
  • Do you aspire to pursue higher studies?

Trap Alert: Never respond to this question indicating that you will soon abandon the company to attend a college or university. Always tackle this question to reiterate two points: ii) that you are serious about the job ii) You will further your studies using alternative avenues while continuing to work.


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