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Internet is full of contradictory top XX lists. We decided to add to bring clarity (or some might say chaos) from our end. The top 11 we present here are based on what we have constantly recommended and best(and no affiliations by the way) when someone asked – what is your favorite source(s) for a job seeker?  So let’s get to the business of the top 11 resources for the job seekers accordingly to JIB.

  1. LinkedIn:  Our number# 1 job source is actually not a job site at all. It is one of the best professional network site that has become a go to resource for job seekers and employers alike to find the ‘made to order’ profiles from the pool of millions of prospects. Do yourself a big favor and create (if you do not have one), update and be active on LinkedIn. You will be surprised at how many relevant solicitations you will receive. It’s just fun to know that your skills are in demand.
  2. Indeed: Our favorite number 2 is also NOT a job site. It is a job search aggregator or search engine. The reason we love Indeed is because it is very global in nature. For example, if you want to find a job in hong kong, just google Indeed Hong Kong and their site serving Hong Kong will show up ( Type in the keywords that describe the job profile you are looking for and be amazed at how many companies have posted their job ads on Indeed. Another thing we like about Indeed is the simple layout of their website. Simple and effective – ingredients we personally like.
  3. Company websites: Research the hot and favorite employers in your field. You can do this by simply using google. Go through individual company profiles and pick your top 10 or 20 or whatever your lucky number happens to be (as long as it is in double digits).  Now, go on to individuals company websites and locate their career section.  Look to see if they have any openings in your field.  READ the job description and tweak your resume so that it speaks directly to the job you are applying for. SAVE this resume with the company name so that you can print the SAME resume when you go for interview. If you are in a niche market – then you may not have to apply in many places but if you are in a common field where competition is fierce – you have to apply in as many company sites as you can.
  4. Referrals: We live in a wonderfully connected world. One of the wonders of this connectivity is that a friend of your cousin or uncle or a friend is at this moment doing what you aspire to do. All you have to do is ask your cousin/friend/uncle to introduce you to that person. Once connected – ask exploratory questions (and don’t jump the gun asking for a job, please). Ask them how it is to be working in this field. What they did to get where they are. What they would recommend for you to do to make your candidature rock solid. Ask any and all exploratory questions. The more enthusiastic you are – the more chances are this new contact of yours may think of you when a job opening becomes available.
  5. Recruiting agencies:  Search for the top recruiting agencies in your field. Create a great profile on their site (if they have that option) and reach out to them.  Most recruiting agencies are very active in seeking candidates with strong experience and skills. Some big companies and companies that hire very infrequently or companies looking for specific skill set find the whole process of finding the right candidate, scheduling interviews, following up, etc cumbersome and so they hire a recruiting agency to help them in their search. By being in the recruiting agency’s database – you become a prime candidate for some cool job openings.
  6. Niche job sites: What a relief to see some job sites show up on our resource list. Wait, before you sigh and relax – we are not talking about or or alike. We want you to research a bit and find the NICHE job sites that cater to the specific area of interest you are looking for. More specific you are in your search the more relevant your interactions become. For example, for IT folks – happens to be a great site. For people looking for jobs in Dubai – becomes a good source. Just search for top niche sites in your field and create impeccable profiles and apply to the jobs of your interest.
  7. Networking events:  Imagine there is an Oracle Symposium in your city where about 2000 professionals are expected to meet and if you are seeking job on Oracle platform, see if you can get into this symposium.  Why? Not only you will find potential employers and decision makers attending this event – but there will be lot of professionals that can steer you in the right direction. There will be lot of networking events going on right now in your city – search for it and be part of such events.
  8. Generic Job sites:  Ok, we give in, just for once. There are some amazing best job sites out there.;;; come to mind.  Pick yours – create profile, upload resume and start the buffet of job postings.
  9. Blogs/speciality sites:  A partner in a very big service firms read a comment/solution posted by an individual that just happens to love the technology (duh, why else would you be on specific technology blog). Partner was so impressed by the thought process of this individual that he reached out and 3 weeks later – the individual was on a flight to London from Asia with a job offer. True story!  Even if such a story doesn’t unfold for you – being on speciality blogs/sites always helps you to keep up-to-date on what’s hot and you can add those things to your resume – keeping you current and always on hot list of employers.  Don’t be pretentious and don’t ask for jobs via blog posts – it’s annoying and unprofessional. Use blogs to learn, network and explore.
  10. Newspapers:  Yes, they are still alive. Not as vibrant as they once used to be but they are still an option. Look at the career spread in your local newspaper for the job openings.  If you are looking for a specific city – search for an online newspaper in the specific location and look at the career spread.
  11. Social Media: Even though people go nuts about twitter, facebook and alike – we consider them only after considering the other sources listed above. There is some value to the usage of social media in job search – after all – you only need one job at any given point in time and if this job comes by from social media so be it – but we don’t recommend you investing all your time and efforts on social media. Create a decent profile, highlight your education, career highlights and try connecting with groups/people in the field of your interest.

We hope you find this list a little unorthodox to what you are used to when it comes to the top 11 lists and more importantly – we ask that you make use of these resources in your job search.


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